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This is part six of our seven day Spring Beauty Essentials Series. Yesterday, we featured several body lotions to help hydrate your skin and leave you smelling delicious. Today, we are focusing on your legs and feet. As the weather warms you will most likely be showing more skin. Here are a few products to help get your legs and feet ready for shorts, skirts, and sandals.

Phytomer_Beautiful_Legs_Blemish _Eraser_CreamThe BEAUTIFUL LEGS Blemish Eraser Cream ($78.00) by Phytomer will visibly minimize the appearance of unsightly, small vein imperfections on the thighs and ankles. Its moisturizing action leaves skin feeling smooth and soft.

Ren_Guerande_Salt_Exfoliating_Body_Balm The Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm ($37.00) by REN is a gentle exfoliating body balm that helps remove dead cells to leave the skin renewed, glowing, and moisturized. It nourishes, moisturizes, and exfoliates. Skin feels smoothed, glowing, and renewed. It is massaged onto dry skin before bathing or showering and then rinsed off.

devils-mint-body-scrub-150ml-by-elemis-10The Devils Mint Body Scrub ($47.50) by Elemis is a refreshing, revitalizing scrub that gently nourishes, smooths, and cleanses the body by removing dead skin cells. It is formulated with exfoliating, skin-friendly sea plant particles; detoxifying devils apron seaweed, cleansing sweet Betty flower, and antiseptic peppermint essential oil. It is especially effective on problem areas such as feet, knees and elbows.

Bliss_Diamancel_10_Foot_BufferThe Diamancel #10 Foot Buffer ($49.00) by Bliss helps dissolve hardened, dry heels and works wonders without cutting corns. These nickel-coated flexible fiberglass files are electroplated with industrial grade diamond chips.

Bliss_Foot_PatrolThe Foot Patrol ($18.00) by Bliss is a triple-action softening and exfoliating foot cream that helps smooth and refresh even the toughest, roughest feet. This peppermint-packed foot treatment is a great exfoliator and hydrator. It tackles dry toes and heels, and it almost eliminates the need for a pedicure. It contains salicylic acid and alpha hydroxy to remove dead, dry skin cells. Whole leaf aloe penetrates to clear away cuticles and soften hard skin. This foot lotion will leave the feet noticeably silky, soft, clean, and refreshed.

Bliss_Softening_SocksThese Softening Socks ($52.00) by Bliss are designed with a self-activating gel lining and help hydrate dry feet. These softening socks moisturize hardened feet with a self-activating gel lining and last for up to 50 uses. Vitamin E, grape seed oil, and olive oil pamper, smooth, and soften skin. When activated by body heat, these socks force-feed moisture that treats dry and rough feet. After 20 minutes, they will leave feet silky and soft.

Check back tomorrow for the last of our Spring Essentials Blog Series to find out about the great waxing products we carry at Affinity Skin Care and Skin Care by Michele.


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